Business Photo Solutions

An affordable alternative to professional photography

Take your own photos, and send them to us for enhancement. Great results at a fraction of the price.

If you're looking for a professional photographer to take photos for your business's marketing, but the budget is tight, there is an affordable alternative.

Simply take the photos yourself, and send them straight to us for professional enhancement. Our turnaround is fast, and the results are stunning - just take a look at our gallery.

Consider our service for:

Our enhanced images will improve your:


Standard enhancement
Includes: Fixing poor lighting; correcting colours; basic skin editing; sharpening.
People photos (management, staff, customers)$10 each
Non-people photos (premises, products, etc)$5 each
Discounts apply to large orders.

Complex enhancement
For example: removing backgrounds, replacing skies, adjusting product colours, beautifying skin, etc, etc ... $60/hour pro rata

Photography Advice

Before you take your photos, contact us for some free tips on getting the best shots.