Frequently Asked Questions - Restoration

How can I send you my photo?

To post the photo to us, make sure you package it securely, and mark it "Handle with care".

If you live in the Brisbane area, and you'd prefer not to post the photo to us, please contact us to arrange a time to visit us with your photo personally.

Can I scan the photo and send you the file, instead of posting the photo?

It's better if we scan it. We use a very high quality professional scanner, that produces far better scans than the average home scanner. Successful restoration relies heavily on the best possible scan, so you must leave that to us.

My photo has been its frame for many years, and I'm afraid it's very fragile. Do I need to remove it to be restored?

It's possible to scan through glass of the frame, and achieve an acceptable result. However, we try to scan the photo directly wherever we can, for best results.